Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I call these sketches "nightwalks", because they're inspired
by the moonlit mansions of Babelsberg, the town I lived in
while attending filmschool.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chump & Clump upcoming screenings

Back to my favourite buddies Chump and Clump.
In june and july there're some great opportunities
to see the film. So if you're anywhere near those
cities go check it out.

17th International Festival of Short Films and New Images

Rome, Italy

June 12-18

11/22 - Int. Comedy Short Film Festival

Wien, Austria

June 16-20

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival

Sofia, Bulgaria

June 20-27

FEST - International Film Festival Portugal

Espinho, Portugal

June 21-28

ReelHeART International Film Festival (RHIFF)

Toronto, Canada

June 22-27

Giffoni Film Festival 2009

Giffoni, Italy

July 12-25

ANIMA MUNDI 2009 International Animation Festival of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 10-19 July 22-26

ERA NEW HORIZONS International Film Festival

Wrocław (Breslau), Poland

July 23 - August 02

Michael and I attended a screening yesterday in
Berlin at SHORT SHOTS and the audience really
seemed to like it ( actually they were rolling with
laughter). I'm so happy that the gags and characters
catch on with audiences, since Michael and I spend
two and a half years making this film.
Would have sucked, if the film sucked :)

I'm going to be at the GIFFONI festival from the 23rd
to the 25th and at the ERA New Horizons from the
27th to the 29th to introduce the film in preson.

By the way, the photos are from MAUERSTREIFEN
in Leipzig last winter.

sketchbook stuff

Since this is blog is more a fun thing aimed
at the common man, rather than a platform
to present myself to advertising agencies
and such like, I decided to incorporate stuff
found in my sketchbook.
Therefore here're some unpolished, handpainted
works presenting such major sketchbook themes
And dragons, of course.
Also to keep in mind, that some of the stuff is
already a few years old. Mental note myself:
Start a new sketchbook!