Monday, May 17, 2010

And the winner is...

Chump & Clump won at these festivals:

Matita Film Festival
3. Prize
Chiete, Italy

The Accolade Competition
Award of Merit: animation
La Jolla, U S A

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival
Best Student Film
Sofia, Bulgaria

FEST - International Film Festival Portugal
Best academic work
Espinho, Portugal

ReelHeART Internatinal film festival
Best animated film
Toronto, Canada

KLIK amsterdam animation festival
Best student film
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

FIKE 2009 - 8th √Čvora International Short Film Festival
Best Animation
Don Quijote Award
√Čvora, Portugal

The 7th International Festival of Animation Arts
Special mention for the wittiest animation
St.Petersburg, Russia

Best Animation Award

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chump & Clump at the festivals

Since the two year run of "Chump & Clump" at the various film festivals of the world now comes to an end, I'd like to take a look back at the great times Michael and I had with film.
A big thank you to all the people who supported "Chump & Clump" and the nice jurys, who invited the film (and often also us) to their festivals and sometimes even awarded a us with a prize. :)

It all started as good as it can get, when "Chump & Clump" got nominated for Siggraph 2008 Jury Award along with "Our wonderful nature" from our buddies Dennis Rettkowski and Tomer Eshed.

So it was off to Los Angeles for the four us ( And the brilliant composer of "Our wonderful nature", Stefan Schneider. Seen here in the front) . But first we got stuck in Denver.

Here we had our world premiere at the Nokia theatre.

Dennis and Tomer were also invited to give a talk at the Pixar booth

As a special treat for the attendees of the conference, we got cards for a baseball game. That was the first time I sensed minor cultural differences between people from the US and from Europe.
Basically nothing happens in that game, most of it is strikes and players standing around.
Our bus driver told me, that people just go there to get drunk. Can't blame them.

Our last day at the Santa Monica Beach. That evening really had something magical to it.

Here we attended the Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart.
The festivals programm was a bit artsy, but I still can agree on the winning films.
On the other hand they had a great party every night of the week, so it was totally worth it.

At the filmfest Munich 2008 we didn't win the Animation Award, but "Chump & Clump" built up a fanbase with the other directors and therefore they awarded us with the "Winner of the hearts"-Award. Thank you guys! :)

These are pictures from the Giffoni Festival in Italy. It's a big film festival for kids and youths and holds a special place in heart. I never had more fun at a film festival or met a crazier crowd than there. This was Oooon!

These pics are from the Era New Horizons 2009 festival in Poland. I really liked it, because they had a great side programm and scenery to offer. Set in the beautiful city of Breslau we spent most of the time exploring the city, instead of watching films.

Pics of Michael and me enjoying various delicious beverages in Breslau.

Wow, that is quiet a longish post. A few weeks ago Michael flew to Singapur to the Next Reel 2010 festival. Unfortunatly I couldn't come, but we won the "Best Animation" there. Thank you.

Anyway, thanks again to all the film festivals that screened "Chump& Clump". I wish I could have visited all of them. But with nearly forty festivals that just isn't possible ( You can find the complete festival list on